Anna Moles
Scientific Director
BSc Biological Sciences (Parma, Italy)- Ph.D Animal Biology (Firenze, Italy). Visiting researcher at the University of Birmingham (Pharmacology). After a post doc in Hepatology (University of Modena, Italy) she moved for one year to the Department of Biostatistics of the INRAN where she participated to nutritional studies in European cohort. In 1998 she joined the CNR, Institute of Neuroscience where she has worked for 10 years on animal models of psychiatric disorders and drug discovery. In 2008 she has been visiting Professor at the USTL, University of Lille 1 in the field of Neuroscience. She is author of more than 50 publications in peer reviewed journals including Science and PNAS. She is Scientific coordinator at Genomnia since February 2009, retaining her scientist role at CNR.

Armando Felsani
Senior Scientist
Armando Felsani is senior researcher at the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine (CNR) in Rome. He graduated in biology on 1971 at the University «La Sapienza» of Rome. Since 1976 he is member of the permanent staff of the National Council of Research (CNR).
He has been Long term EMBO fellow at the Pasteur Institute and then at the «College de France», Paris, from 1976-78, studying with Prof. François Gros the gene expression of differentiating neuroblastoma cells and mouse brain regions. During his scientific life, Dr.Felsani has accumulated experience in genetic engineering, virology, molecular and cellular biology, and functional genomics. Since many years, his main field of interest is the study of the molecular mechanisms controlling the cell cycle arrest and differentiation in terminally differentiating cellular systems. He has been Principal Investigator of research projects granted by the Italian Association of Cancer Research, the CNR and the Italian Health Ministry. Armando joined Genomnia as a consultant in March 2009, retaining his scientist role at CNR.
Elena Brini
BSc in Biotechnology (Bologna, Italy), PhD in Molecular Medicine, specialization in Neuroscience (Milano, Italy), MSc in Intellectual Property (Bologna, Italy). After the BSc she worked for six months at the Chiron Vaccines s.p.a. (Siena, Italy) as postgraduate student in the Serology unit. Then she moved to San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, where she did her PhD within the neuroimmunology unit. She did a gene expression profiling study of Multiple Sclerosis patients and its animal model EAE using different microarray platforms. During her PhD she followed a microarray data analysis course in Turin and she spent one year as visiting student in Merck-Serono (Boston, USA). Elena joined Genomnia in January 2009 as a molecular biologist and she will be in charge of the deep sequencing “wet” part and part of the primary data analysis.

Cinzia Ferraro

CEO Franca Cinzia has joined Genomnia since the beginning of the Company. She has acquired considerable experience in accounting and sales after 20 years work in companies of different market sectors including medical device. She is now contributing to its development.

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